Once again I have overcome the stormy skies of hypocrisy, treachery and adversity!

Not for the first time, and probably not for the last, I recently overcame the stormy skies of hypocrisy, treachery and adversity in my life again.  It is sad that so often so many people and organziations welcome us in, smile and pat us on the back as we improve and change their operations positively and permanently for good, only to be stabbed in the back later.  They show us one face, then show another when our back is turned.  They reward long years of survice and devotion with betrayal.  They punish us for doing good while they reward evil doers.  They turn on us even when we alone kept the whole operation alive for years, as the face of the organization, doing all the work, often solo, when no one else would help.

But such is life and I have survived this betrayal so many times in my own life, as I am sure that many of you have as well, that I just get stronger each time.  In my professional career, I continue to be victorious and successful, as my accomplishments grow, despite opposition.  I encourage all of you to keep fighting and never give up, even when you are attacked, like I have been so many times, for doing what is right.  Keep up the good fight and you will be rewarded, ultimately, in the end, while those who have done you wrong will get their punishment.  Keep smiling!


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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