Summer camping is so much fun!

We went camping again this summer and it was amazing!  It was so fun to be outdoors, in the mountains, hiking, crossing rivers, starting a campfire, roasting food over the open flames and finishing the night off with freshly made smores!

The weather was warm and perfect.  We camped beside the river and the sound of the rushing water was amazing.  Along with the chirping of the crickets and the crackle of our fire, it was an exhilarating experience.  It does the mind, body and soul good to commune with nature and camp.  I highly recommend everyone camp at least once per summer!





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2 responses to “Summer camping is so much fun!

  1. I don’t know why so many people make it sound like camping is torture. It can and should be a wonderful experience for all the reasons you mentioned, for the sense of peace it brings, the escape from the fast pace of modern life, and for the feeling of companionship it helps to strengthen between the people you go with.

    I’d change it to “… at least once a week in the summer!” 😉

    • Yes, once a week would be nice. I think some people have become to comfortable and spoiled in this instant world we live in that they don’t want to make the little sacrifice to rough it once in a while and camp. They are definitely missing out!

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