There are many things, as well as creatures, that are elusive in this world.  The birds that I see frequently but are too elusive for me to take photos of are the white barn owl, the woodpecker and the humming-bird.  The white barn owl frequently does a fly by at my windshield late at night when I am driving home after officiating a few hockey games.  The woodpecker flits through my yard and over my house when I am gardening or enjoying a beverage on my back deck.  And the humming-bird visits my tall, star-gazer lilies.  And yet, I have been unable to snatch a photo of any of these…yet!  Still, they are mystical and enjoyable creatures.

And lastly, the seals that wander the Puget Sound in downtown Seattle, have eluded my photography as well. But I will photograph them all in time.  Until they, I continue to enjoy their rare appearances.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.



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