Having served as a Peacekeeper in the military, I have preserved our freedoms.

Having served in the military as a Peacekeeper, stationed in Europe, guarding against terrorism, and protecting our country and our allies during the war with Iraq, I have helped to preserve many freedoms.  One of the freedoms is to live in peace and to not be attacked.  We are protected in this country against attack by the military that I served.  But many countries are unprotected.

One such country that was largely unprotected during a recent attack is Georgia, near Russia.  This country was subject to rape, pillage and murder.  As much as this sounds like a Viking invasion or a medieval slaughter, it’s shocking to know that it happened not many years ago, in this century!  And those who perpetrated such horrible crimes were never punished.  How can this happen today, in our society, our culture, our technologically advanced world?  It does.  And we are no better than invading Viking hoards or murdering medieval slaughter parties!  We need to more concerned with preserving freedom all over the world and not let politics get in the way of protecting innocent people.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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