Nature’s creatures sometimes surprise us!

As we move from Spring into Summer, many of nature’s creatures are more active and consequently, closer to us.  There are a family of robins that occupy my yard and search for worms each day now to feed their babies.  There is a family of sparrows that eat berries from my front yard.  The bees and butterflies are all over my lavender, rhodies and azaleas!  And when I went to the marina this past weekend, I saw a seal!

I went down to the marina, on the sound, with a beautiful view out to the ocean and the majestic Olympic Mountains, as I often do, and ate at Anthony’s Woodfire, one of my favorite fine dining spots.  They have great seafood there and a wonderful view of the water and sunsets.  I took a walk after dinner, along the marina, as I often do, watching sailboats go by, when I spotted a seal in the water!  He was like a stealth submarine, and he most certainly was swimming in the marina water to find some fish an unwary fisherman may left out.  He looked at me and flashed his big eyelashes just long enough for me to get a picture, before he submerged again and disappeared.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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