I usually write novels, but today I wrote a poem. I hope you like it!


The hierarchy of nature seems

In nature and in life to be

Run by a conductor unseen

And in many ways it is me

(As if by some magic or simony).

When the unseen hand changes the tide

And sets the sun below the sky

And all of nature returns to hide

And the Zephyr in the breezes sighs;

Reminds me that within my life

Whether in my sports or my child

Either in the classroom or the type

I direct the events in the books I write.

Though many things I can’t control

With each storm and wave I roll

Yet when the chance comes to my soul

I direct the chimes the bell tolls.

Knowing what and what not to do

When I can rest and when to move

Is a gift not many can prove

To have and yet I surely do!



Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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