Here is the first page to the sequel to Ms. Orange, “Dreadful Kitchen”

Here is the first page of my novel, “Dreadful Kitchen,” which is the next book in my “Ms. Orange Intrigues” and is the sequel to “The Curious Case of Ms. Orange.”



     “Unaware at what violent struggle was happening that very moment inside the hotel, Ms. Orange left the hotel on the beach in Santa Monica and walked along the promenade, Third Street, through town.  The street performers were already gathering, taking out their instruments, setting up their booths, taking out their wares, and assembling their stilts, juggling implements and sundry items. 

     She passed through them, feeling as if she was amidst a circus or a fete like back home in London.  She made her way to the train station.

     When Ms. Orange boarded the train that morning for the ride to Los Angeles to meet Captain Hadrian, the ground was covered in…”

If you like what you just read, click below to read more:

Kitchen cover

Words and cover design copyright 2009 by Eddie Edwards.



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