I grew a Guinness book of world record setting tulip!

I planted tulips for the first time this past Autumn.  It was a dark, rainy, grey day, windy, blustery and cold.  And after I filled each hole with a bulb and added potting soil, I watered them…and waited.  Like raising a child, I raised these tulips, weeding, nurturing, feeding, allowing them room to grow, pruning, and finally, the full independence and strength of each tulip came through and they flowered into beautiful, scented, huge glory!

I measured my tallest tulip and it comes to 30 inches!  There are no other tulips in the world as tall as mine!  Just like there is no other child in the world like my son!  All the hard work, gardening and parenting has paid off!  Please click below to see the measurement video on Youtube:



Words, photo and video copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards




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4 responses to “I grew a Guinness book of world record setting tulip!

  1. Chaz

    Ive got some tulips growing in my garden that are at 30 inches and still growing. How can you say yours is the worlds biggest when mine are taller already? Hardly even had to do anything other than water them now and again.

    • I actually beat my own record and grew another strain of tulips up to 33 inches tall! And yes, I don’t do anything to them either, not ever water. I let nature take care of that.

  2. ken

    Are you measuring from the actual bulb or from where it comes up through the earth

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