I am weary of this planet…

I long to find another place, somewhere higher!  I feel like Beethoven, Rembrandt (which, by the way, is his first name) and Eddie Allen Poe!  I feel that my fellow-man does not understand my genius and talent.  That my fellow dwellers here on earth do not appreciate my insight and vision.  But I don’t want to end up dying penniless like my fellow three great artists I mentioned above.  I don’t want to wait until my dotage like Tolkien, or even until after my death, to be rich and famous for my art.  I want to be loved and understood now, here!

People are so angry and rude to each other.  Everyone is oblivious of their fellow-man and are greedy, suing for everything, while the prices go through the ceiling and the quantity and service goes down through the floor.  Even now in this Spring the clouds are heavy and the rain pours down.  The sun has not shown his head for many days and I am weary.  I want to find warmth and inspiration again.  I want to feel exhilarated and know that this life is worth living and to discover new hope…


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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