Here is the first page of my Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dedicated novel:

“The Mysterious House of Mrs. Hutson”

“The gray half light weakly competed for right to pierce the shadowed study.  It was late winter, early spring, and yet the weather refused to warm, to change, to capitulate, like some spoiled child unwilling to give up his toy.  There were thick clouds in the sky and although it was afternoon, it appeared to be night.  There was a chill breeze and showers came and went.  There were so many memories in this study, Mrs. Hutson was devastated to have to give up the house on Baker Street and sell it.  It was almost as if it was her heart and if she gave it away, she might die.  She remembered the constant calls for tea amid other strange requests that her former employer demanded of her at the top of his lungs.  One time he had shouted for a hammer,”

If you like what you’ve read, click below for more:

mrs hutson cover

Words and cover copyright 2009 by Eddie Edwards.


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