My gardening companion!

I was working in my front and back yards today, gardening, cutting the grass, checking on flower progress and suddenly, I found a little green frog!  He jumped right out in front of me so I captured him in my hands, showed him to my son, then let him go!

It’s so nice to be in the yard, working on it, especially my back yard, that is shaped just like Leicester Square in London!  Every time I am back there it reminds me of London.  And now all my tulips are open, so colorful, and so fragrant!  The crocus is fragrant as well, and so is the lavender, even though there are no flowers on it yet!  The hyacinth, of which I have many colors, are full of scents also.  And the weather was warm and sunny!




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5 responses to “My gardening companion!

  1. I love surprise friends. Happy gardening!

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