I got to play drums live in a band last night (Tuesday)!

So I went to my old neighborhood in Seattle for a writer’s meeting.  Afterward, I went to look up my old pub where I used to hang out there, a Welsh pub called “Cardiff Arms.”  In the past, some of my favorite places of all time have gone out of business, moved, or invariably become a formless bar and grill.  But this time, my former favorite pub, “Cardiff Arms,” was now an Irish pub!  I was so delighted I went inside.  It is now “The Irish Triangle.”  I was so excited.  So I ordered a Newcastle Brown Ale and sat down to enjoy the atmosphere.

Then a guitar player got up on stage and started to play.  He asked if there were any drummers in the house and deja-vu set in for me!  When I first moved to Seattle, I went to the “Dubliner,” an Irish pub in Fremont (Seattle).  The same thing happened to me then and there and I went up to play the drums, and ended up meeting the guys would become my band.  It has been a long and adventurous professional drummer’s career for me, recording an album, releasing a cd, touring the west coast, playing in some famous clubs where other big bands played.  And there I was, last night, starting it all over again!  I had a blast.  We finished with “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd and I nailed it!  So much fun!




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