Some little know facts about St. Patrick are…

Some little know facts about St. Patrick are that he wasn’t really Irish!  St. Patrick was a Welsh monk who was taken prisoner by marauding Vikings and dragged unwillingly on their pillaging into Ireland.  Once he was living there, he was eventually freed by his Viking captors and then began his ministry.  He went on to deliver the Irish (the Celts) from their pagan religion and worship of idols, introducing them for the first time to the Catholic religion.

Also, St. Patrick did not drive out all of the snakes from Ireland.  And the potato is not native to the Emerald Isle.  Potatoes were first brought to the British Isles by Sir Francis Drake, on returning from his travels on other continents.  Then the potato was brought to Ireland and planted and is now a staple of their diet.  I have spent weeks in Ireland and for anyone who has not been there, please visit!  The people there are the most hospitable on the planet!  Slainte!

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