Remember when we didn’t have to lock our doors or our cars?

Remember when we didn’t have to lock our doors or cars at night?  When we could walk around town in the dark and not fear anything bad happening to us?  What happened to those days?  Why has our society become so evil and dangerous?  Why can’t we ever return to those days?  Maybe if all of us tried a little harder to be kind and be safe, to teach our children properly and to not hate, desire peace and love, we could return to that world we once lived in that was so simple…

We can start looking up again at the sun and clouds, the mountains, the birds.  Try it, when you are walking outside next time.  Keep looking up and you will notice everyone else will do the same.  People are so willing to follow these days, like the Catholics who follow the Pope, an ancient and medieval custom that is no longer necessary yet people do it.  Then you will see that everyone, like you, is looking up and we won’t have our heads down trudging every day.  Then, just then, maybe, our society can return to a brotherly community again.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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