The war in Afghanistan and the terror of Bin Laden still reigns…

Read about the terrorism and the legacy of that madman that still runs rampant in my book, “Under the Cover of Darkness,”  available on Amazon.  Here is the link:

Here is the first page:

“Chapter 1                                                 


     It was October, 1996, somewhere half way between Cambridge and London.  The cold mist shrouded the ground to make the trees look like floating ghosts as he slowly crawled to the chain link fence near the bridle gate and stopped to listen.  There was only the sound of the dog deer in the nearby wood.  He glanced cautiously about him, then removed the wire cutters from his camouflage pants pocket.  Looking furtively about him again, he began to cut the fence.

     Once he had created a hole just big enough for himself, he slowly pulled himself under, careful not to smudge the camouflage paint on his face.  All his senses were heightened as he breached the security fence that he had once guarded and became an intruder in the compound he had once patrolled as an armed guard.  Irony was as palpable as the dryness in his mouth as he closed the hole in the fence with wire ties, to cover his tracks and conceal his entry point.

     The moment he had nightmares about was now here: He was once a Peacekeeper and Defender and had now become a criminal.  But he justified his actions as he…”

Words and photos copyright 1991 by Eddie Edwards.

under the cover


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