Are you a fool? Take this first test and find out:

Fools, besides the obvious of opening their mouth without thinking first, are also greedy, jealous, hypocrites and braggarts.  Find out if you are a fool by taking this first test.

“he told of the duncery, fatuity and besotted extravagance of the hapless jealous wretches, who deem themselves very Solomons and do withal the greatest and most signal follies that can be conceived.  And verily this disease of jealousy is a mortal plague, which so infecteth his mind upon whom it taketh hold that not only is the jealous man never easy, but withal suffereth none else to repose.”   

  If any of this applies to you, you may be a fool and need to change immediately!


Quote is from Matteo Bandello. 



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