I suggested everyone watch sunrises and sunsets and you listened and did it!

I think it is wonderful to see that people are not only reading my blog, but also taking my advice and doing what I suggest!  Watching sunrises and sunsets whenever and wherever possible is a wonderful habit to feed your soul and improve your outlook.  It reminds us that nature is so powerful and that we live in a wonderful world, and gives us new hope.  As Spring approaches and new flowers are opening, the days are getting longer and the morning is brighter, look forward to a new and productive Summer as well.

As the yard and the garden now will need more care, you will have more opportunity to be outside so be sure to enjoy nature after you do your yard work.  And don’t forget to keep looking up and enjoying those sunrises and sunsets.  And with the clear skies, there will be many chances to also now enjoy the stars and moon as well.


All words and photos copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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