Was George Washington the greatest President?

In my opinion, George Washington was definitely one of the best Presidents and definitely one of the few who were honest.  I also believe that F.D.R. was one of the greatest Presidents as well.  Did you know that our founding fathers wanted to make George Washington King of America?  He refused, as he was a modest man, which was one of his other many qualities.   But I am glad he agreed to be our first President as he was maybe one of the few honest politicians and truly great Presidents.

These days, one would be hard pressed to find an honest politician in any country, or a great President in the long list of American leaders.  But on this President’s day weekend, we can at least be thankful that we had such greats as George Washington and F.D.R.  Hopefully someday, we will have another leader who will have the moral fiber to join this elite group!



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