Looking back over my hockey referee career so far…

Looking back over my hockey referee career so far, it’s nice to see that some ideas and trends that I started and brought into the profession are still being used by others today.  One idea I brought was that if there is a fight and both players must be ejected from the game, I kept one player in the penalty box and sent the other player to the dressing room.  In this way, I prevented the two players from any further fights in the dressing rooms!

A second trend I started was if one player took extra penalties after already being assessed one, while still on the ice, taking liberties of the situation, I would then put him in the penalty box, and once he was secure inside, I would issue additional 10-minute misconducts or major penalties, whichever was necessary.  This way, the player could protest all he wanted in the penalty box, but could cause no more problems or even injuries to anyone on the ice.


All words and photos copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.


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