Here is the first page of my new book, ‘The Hammer and Sickle.’





Yuri Volchenkov lay in bed, propped up on luxurious pillows, each arm around a voluptuous Russian supermodel, but each model slowly extricated themselves from his muscle-bound embrace, lit cigarettes, calmly dressed in the finest lingerie and clothed their bodies in expensive Versace and Prada;  they smiled at each other, their high, female, Slavic cheekbones perfect and uncreased, then departed the luxury hotel suite in Moscow.  On the television, the sounds of the KHL hockey game resounded.  But Yuri didn’t see or hear any of this, though his eyes were fixed open, as a small trickle of blood from the mortal wound in his forehead fell down upon his flawless chest.  He was dead.  He had been a former KGB operative, spy, turned body-guard and hit man for powerful Oligarch, Alexander Lebedev.”

hammer and sickle 1


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