Here is the first page of my novel, “Kevlar Node,” also on BN and Amazon:

Chapter 1



“…burning out his fuse up there alone”

–Elton John


      Mace checked his oxygen gauge:  Low.  “Damn,” he exclaimed.  “I have to get a refill.”  He checked his oxygen tag and breathed a sigh of relief inside his air tight helmet that it hadn’t expired yet.  He knew the Oxygen Company would use wireless to cut off his oxygen if his tag expired!  “I knew this day would come sooner or later when one has to buy oxygen!” he muttered to himself.  He continued to move slowly, watching for any signs of being on a fire field.  One false move and he would be toast, burned alive.  People used metals like Lithium on various surfaces, covered by dust, as protection.  One slight breeze to blow the dust, one footfall to clear it, and the little bit of oxygen left in the air on the planet would oxidize the metals and cause instant flame.  The metal was in high concentration to make up for the low levels of oxygen, to insure ignition.  But Mace had special boots with jets that emitted dust, like a reverse vacuum…

his majesty's secret service cover

All words copyright 2012 by Eddie Edwards.



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