I am not a revolutionary or Bolshevik, but…

…are any world governments really working?  Is the U.S. economy a good reason why our presidential process is a failure?  We thought the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was for democracy, or even for controlling oil, but it turns out it was for heroin.  The country of Afghanistan is the biggest grower of heroin in their huge opium fields.  And our government is taking a cut in that huge drug trade, just as we did when we went to Viet Nam to get in on the cocaine business.

And why does our president continue to let us get raped at the gas pumps? Is it because he is getting a cut in the huge profits the oil companies are making.  And meanwhile, more and more people become obese, eating very unhealthily, not exercising, vegging on video games, while robots and cheap, foreign countries take away our jobs.  I think it is time for a change, a lot of change!


Remember these prices?  (All words and photos copyright 2012 by Eddie Edwards)


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