I am a lighthouse!

I am a lighthouse and the good aspects of a lighthouse live in me.  I am strong, determined, persevering, full of hope and built on a rock.  I offer light, guidance, stability, perspective and I am there night and day.  I can take the winds and the booming of the stormy waves, the rain and cold, the long, slow decay of nature and the malice of man.

As I continue in my life, and in my writings, I long to continue as a lighthouse to many and to continue to display all the positive things that make lighthouses necessary and great.  I hope to continue to save lives, as I have in the past, and continue to stand tall, a symbol of all things great and good in this world.


All words and photos copyright 2012 by Eddie Edwards.



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3 responses to “I am a lighthouse!

  1. raphaelcha

    They were and still are importance, love them! thank you I hear you loud and clear

  2. raphaelcha

    Sounds like fun hope all goes well and when you do I’ll look forward to visit your site to see those great messengers of light. Thank you for visiting

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