We have discovered all the Nationalities in my DNA!

As I thought, I am mostly Welsh.  But there are several other European influences in my DNA, such as Dutch, French, Austrian, Belgian, Swiss and Danish, to name a few.  But mostly I realized that as fun as this DNA thing is, knowing some of your ancestral and cultural influences in your blood and in your past, I am still me as a result of the choices I have made, the choices I am making, and the choices I will make in the future.

One thing I don’t want to be and don’t think I am is complacent.  It seems to me these days that most people don’t have any perseverance!  If something isn’t fun, interesting or amazing after five minutes, they just jump onto another band wagon.  When did our society become so temporal?  Some things are worth hanging on to, even if they lose their savor for a while, as patience always rewards!


All words and photos copyright 2012 by Eddie Edwards


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