Despite hurdles and obstructions, keep moving downstream!

Despite hurdles and obstructions in your life, keep moving downstream.  I find that often there are rocks in my stream, falling branches and even tree trunks, but I have to keep flowing like a river downstream.  Sometimes I even get caught on and sent off into side pools where I become stagnant and start to grow moss, but I have to break out, get back into the current and return to my life flow and even increase my speed.

My life is like being a stream and despite those things that can fall in my way and try to block me or alter my course, I look for new ways to overcome and continue.  Even when the weather changes and things start to freeze up, I try to remain focused on the goal:  To get all the way to the ocean and expand my life, experience and horizons, and I hope you will do the same.


Words and photos copyright 2012, Eddie Edwards


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