Something new: A post of the first page of each of my novels!

The first page of my novel, “Heavily Lidded Lion,” about Robin Hood, available on and Amazon, reads:

“Chapter 1

     “…behaving himselfe there like a hunger-starved Lyon, when he enters among a heard of beasts, tearing their carkasses in pieces both with his teeth and pawes.”

The Decameron by Boccacio

France, 1199

At last, the quarry came into view, rounding a green copse and plunging down into the dell along the track that he had chosen for his ambush.  He could see the rider’s face now, slack, pale, smeared with smoke and dirt, eyes wide in urgency and fear.

Drawing the great bow back, his huge chest flung out, muscles bulging.  With little effort for his large arms, he pulled back the string, silently.  Lowering his head, closing one eye, he zeroed in on his target, affixing the head of the shaft just ahead of the rider.  Holding his breath, he released the deadly bolt.  With the sound of a sudden swish, the arrow struck home and the rider fell.  The horse kept running.  Looking pleased at his work, he rose and walked slowly, stealthily to his fallen target.  Laying the bow down, he took off his quiver and slowly drew his sword.  Checking for signs of life, he moved closer to his victim, prodding him at last with his booted foot.  No movement returned.  He bent and check his throat for breathing, chest for compressions:  no life.  Suddenly thrusting his sword into the fallen rider’s chest, he made sure of certain death.  Drawing out the blade and wiping the blood on the rider’s garments, he sheathed it.

Looking around for any signs of pursuit or a second rider, he then checked the garments and pockets of the fallen rider’s garments for the message that he carried.  None could be found.  At last, he checked around his neck and there found a necklace, concealed beneath a light mail coat of metal rings.  Extracting the necklace, he found an amulet at the end of it, very small, but just large enough to contain a tiny parchment, rolled up and concealed inside.  Opening the…”

lion cover 1

copyright 2012, Eddie Edwards


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