Your choices define you.

Where you live, where you relax and the choices you make define you.  Are you the kind of person who prefers a burger and fries in a drive-through or eating in your car, over sitting down in a nice restaurant and having a healthy meal?  Do you grab a six-pack to go instead of finding a snug pub with a dozen different beers on tap?  Do you go to the movies on a holiday or do you go away and find a rare retreat far from the crowds for vacation?  Do you spend time with friends and family for leisure or do you mingle with strangers every chance you get?

Your choices define you so instead of doing the same old thing, next time you have a choice, try something different.  Break the habit, change your tune, alter your mood, find a new place to enjoy, discover the world.  Life is short and friends and loved ones are something many people don’t have, so cherish them and keep them close.  Make a life-changing choice today!



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