I had a dream I died and went to Heaven.

When I got to Heaven, at the Pearly Gates, I couldn’t ask any questions.  But I did find a laptop there with a “Frequently Asked Questions” page from God.  I had to click on and read every single one of the Frequently Asked Questions!  And when I got to the last one, it read, “If your questions were not answered, you can approach the Throne and ask there.  Please click this link and a number will be e-mailed to you.”

So I clicked on the link, checked my e-mail, and found that my number  was 425,437,123,210,109 and I felt like the most insignificant person in the world.  But when I looked behind me to see who was next in line after me, it was JFK so I figured, I guess I wasn’t as bad as I thought after all!


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