Ever feel like your life is hitting every red light?

     Ever feel like no matter what you do, you seem to  run into every red traffic light in your life and you never seem to make one green?  I felt this way the other day, then I started to notice that the actual traffic lights, both on the streets and on the off ramps/on ramps from the freeways around Washington always seem to turn red when I get to them.  And sometimes, lights turn randomly red against me, when there are no cars coming the other way (no cross traffic).  I also find lights will turn red against me even though I am on the main road and the side street gets the green.  Some lights are on triggers and yet, when I ride over a trigger on a main road, I have to wait forever, while the side road gets an instant green when they hit their trigger.

     Then it dawned on me:  The lights in this state are neither timed nor synchronized.  That’s why traffic is so bad!  I go at a green light, only to turn and run into the next light that turns immediately red.  This stops all flow of traffic and causes huge back ups.  Why can’t they synchronize lights in this state?  I think I will e-mail my state representative and tell them to synchronize the lights, which, I am sure, will free up much of the traffic around here!



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