Raining down irony…

     In a state that is second in national rainfall behind only New York, it’s ironic that the roads and highways drain so poorly here.  Is it that they forgot to design them properly when they built them?  Is it that they forget to clear the drains of leaves every Autumn, or is it that there is just too much rain for nature to handle?
     In my opinion, I believe it is poor design of the roads, that they aren’t made to drain properly.  And another contributing factor is that the allowance of studded tires in this state creates trenches in the roads where the water gathers and turns the highways into deadly hydroplaning areas! 

     Maybe in the future, Washington roads will be designed better to handle the rain, drain properly, and studded tires will not be allowed!  But then maybe we will have a proper light-rail and subway system as well, since everywhere else in the world has one, seeing as Seattle is a leader in technology and yet needs to catch up!


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