Where is the Lorax when we really need him?!

     My neighbor cut down all of the maple trees on his property yesterday and I had to stop and ponder, why?  The trees were beautiful, especially in the Autumn.  They required very little maintenance other than sweeping away leaves, which the wind does for the most part anyway.  Why would he cut them down?  Does he not know he is lowering his property value and ultimately, reducing the amount of oxygen in the air?

     The same thing happened in the parking lot at one of the rinks where I referee hockey.  Why do people keep doing this, needlessly?  Where is the Lorax when we really need him?  He needs to come back and speak for the trees, save them. 

     Ultimately, as we continue to cut and clear this planet of trees, our oxygen will finally run so low, or even run out, so that we will all have to pay a daily fee for oxygen!


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