“These are the days that try men’s souls.”

This is a quote from Thomas Paine, and although he penned these words nearly two and a half centuries ago, they hold true today for our generation.  If one looks around one can see storms and natural disasters, wars, crime, hideous dark acts going on behind closed doors being committed by those who we once thought were heroes.

Is the war in Afghanistan really about democracy and terrorism?  Is it about oil?  Or is it about drugs, like Vietnam?  Did you know Afghanistan is the world’s largest opium producer?  Opium derivatives include morphine and heroin!  Are our young men and women getting their legs and arms blown off, their minds and lives destroyed, all for the U.S. to get a cut in this huge drug profit in Afghanistan?  I sure hope not, but one can only wonder.

But in these trying times, it is good to be thankful for what one has, to hug one’s loved ones, appreciate them, because they could be gone, we all could be gone tomorrow.  Live each day to the fullest and enjoy this brief life we have all been gifted!


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