Why can’t people admit when they are wrong and say sorry?

Why can’t people just admit when they are wrong, say sorry, and try to make amends for their errors or faults?  When I was in school, people admitted when they made mistakes and then they apologized and tried to find ways to make amends and prevent making the same mistake again in the future.  But people are not like that these days.  They are not honest.  They don’t have integrity.  They are not genuine.  And when they make a blunder, not only do they deny it, but they get defensive and lash out irrationally at the person who brings their mistake to their attention.  Then they retaliate against the person who brought the fault to their attention, as if that person was doing anything wrong!  This is totally backwards, which seems to be  a touchstone of our society today.

I wish we would all get back to being real and not defensive or retaliatory and just admit when we are wrong, say sorry and try to prevent the same mistake in the future.   I wish people would be honesty with themselves in who they are and not pretend to be something or someone they are not.  If that were to happen, if our society would return to that type of honest mentality and behavior, it would be a much better planet.


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