Children are not only our future, but our present!

     Working as a teacher I obviously come in contact with so many students and it is a privilige to teach them and even write novels for them, in addition to the novels I write for adults.

     Sometimes, the subject of life and death comes perilously to the forefront.  Several times I have encountered students who have considered suicide.  Many times I have encountered students who I did not know had considered suicide.  Sometimes a word, a smile, some attention, is all a student needs to feel important, acknowledged, alive.  Sometimes we succeed in this and in a small way help change a person’s mind to not take that drastic step and harm themselves in a deadly manner.  And for this, it makes life worth while to know you’ve helped dissuade someone from suicide, given them a reason to live, hope, a future.  But every once in a while, there is someone near you that you don’t realize they are considering this dangerous act and as a result, you can’t help them, don’t know they need help, and the person is lost.

     A student I knew was lost this weekend, took his own life, and I am filled with sorrow.  My attention to everyone around me has heightened so that I don’t miss the signs of anyone else who might be considering this act.  I hope I can continue to see the signs and help save, in some small way, the most precious of all gifts, life!



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